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This Portable 16K Water Softener is the best performing and best priced RV/Boat water softener on the market. This high quality professional portable water softener eliminates your hard water while on the road or on your boat. It is also ideal for car washing for home. Protect your health by eliminating hard water heath concerns and improve dry itchy skin, red dry spots, dry scalps and eczema by removing skin damaging hard minerals. This softener prevents hard water and rust stains, avoids scale build-up, increases lathering of soaps and reduces over usage. Built for portability and durability for serious RV/Boat. This 16,000 grain unit is the perfect choice and supplies approx. 40% more soft water than any other unit on the market. This Water Softener comes fully built and is ready for use in under 5 minutes. Regenerates in under 60 minutes, no chemicals or special salts needed. Provides up to 2,000 Gal. soft water (at 8 GPG hardness) or up to 40 days. The compact space-saving design allows it to be installed in the tightest places such as your RV storage bay or boat dock side locker. Features a wide 10-3/8in sturdy base, high grade premium capacity resin, standard 3/4in garden hose connection, female to female adapter, garden hose.

  • Premium pro features: wide 10-3/8 in. base for maximum stability on uneven surfaces; high flow ports for minimal pressure drop and 5 GPM flow; the 16,000 grain capacity will provide up to 40 days (2,000 Gal.) of softened water depending on your hardness and usage.
  • Premium value: this portable softener and conditioner produces twice the gallons compared to a standard model and offers the best value and is the best compact RV softener on the market measuring about 10 in. x 19.5 in. total size
  • Top capacity: designed for portability and durability, this 16,000 grain unit is the perfect choice for serious RV/boat owners, carwash detailer or any outdoor person looking for the best mobile softener on the market; provides approx. 40% more soft water than any other unit on the market in its size; regenerates in under 30 minutes, with 2 boxes of table salt, to get you back on the open road.
  • Built tough: designed in California and built with high grade NSF materials, this mini mighty unit will keep on producing great soft water for years to come; the tank inner shell is made of high grade polyethylene and reinforced with a durable fiberglass wrap; the polyethylene inner shell houses the NSF certified food-grade premium resin; the unit has 3/4 in. high flow in/out garden hose ports with a removable head and comes fully assembled with riser tube and premium top and bottom distributors
  • Ready for use: the standard garden hose connections allow it to easily connect between the park faucet and your RV, boat or pressure washer; the unit comes fully assembled, charged and ready for use and requires no tools or electricity to operate and get started.
Weight40 lbs
Dimensions11 × 11 × 25 in
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Mineral Tank

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Hardness in GPG1 to 2 People3 to 4 People5 to 6 People7 or More
1-10 GPG32,000 Grain32,000 Grain48,000 Grain48,000 Grain
11-20 GPG32,000 Grain48,000 Grain48,000 Grain48,000 Grain
21-30 GPG48,000 Grain48,000 Grain64,000 Grain80,000 Grain
31-40 GPG48,000 Grain64,000 Grain64,000 Grain80,000 Grain
41-50 GPG64,000 Grain64,000 Grain80,000 Grain80,000 Grain

Ideal Regenertation

Ideal regeneration frequency is 10 to 14 days at 75% of total capacity. Why 75% capacity? 25% reserve capacity is necessary in case of excessive water use from time to time. Example: 3 people (75 gallons per person per day) in a home avg. 225 gallons of water used per day with 15GPG will need a 32,000 grain system set up for 24,000 grain capacity.

Converting PPM to GPG

If you need to convert hardness from ppm to Grains per gallon (GPG) divide the total water hardness by 17.1. Example: 200ppm of total hardness / 17.1 = 11.69 GPG

Adjust for Iron

If iron is present in your water supply please add 5 grains of hardness for every 1 ppm of iron and determine your size water softener from there.